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Farry's Baby SPA and Wellness is the first Baby SPA established in Pakistan. Our first outlet started to operate in E-11 Sector, Islamabad on 28th July 2017. We look forward to grow and expand our services throughout Pakistan. We took an initiative to introduce healthy activity for babies with starting weight of 4.5 kilograms up-to 24 months young. This weight and age range is perfect for baby to develop their growth to a better health ahead. Our offered services made us a wellness center which provide health benefits to improve baby's immune system, health, and growth that leads to an excellent health lifestyle. On top of that, it is a socially fun, exciting, and nurturing environment that make baby feels happy, safe, and calm in enjoying our services.

Each of the activity gives different benefits and loads of it. We can assure that it will bring a whole lot of good change to baby in terms of physical and mental development and behavior after several times of completed sessions. Don't just take our words for it, bring your baby to our spa today and see it for yourself. Cheers! We hope to bring the warmest care to our little guests as well as parents to cultivate constantly an intimate parent and baby relationship. To sleep faster and better for babies and develop a quality parents-baby time is always our aim whenever our guests visit us.

Our Services

Float Therapy

Gentle Water Resistance increases Muscular and Skeletal strength, Float Therapy is a ground breaking development technique, it is more than just a comforting experience that offers numerous physical & emotional benefits for babies.


SPA takes the stress out of being newborn, infant and toddler with floating and massaging. When napping, nursing & being cute becomes too exhausting, babies have the option of being pampered with SPA.

Baby Massage

TOUCH speaks louder than WORDS. Baby develops his first communication through touch & Massage helps them feel secure and loved. It helps ease your baby's tummy troubles and teething pains, boost his muscle development, calm him and soothe him to sleep.

Bubble Bath

Gentle rubbing baby's skin in or out slows heart rate and blood pressure, it changes brain waves in the direction of relaxation. Clean and pamper your baby with motorized water jet creates bubbles and vibrations for the ultimate calming effect.

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Our Address

Farry's Baby SPA and Wellness,
Main Double Road, E-11/2,

Phone: +92 314 BABYSPA (222 9 772)

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Massage Therapist

Farah Mughis, Owner and Certified Infant Massage Therapist/Instructor has established Pakistan's first Baby SPA in Islamabad. She got the idea after reading similar concept in the Australia. Since she become a mother, she is always passionate about babies and believes her initiative is one of its kind in Pakistan.

She dedicated her life to share the benefits and pleasures of massaging to babies during their early growth. Her aim is to introduce a health beneficial activity for newborns, infants and toddlers in Pakistan.

I believe, "Every baby deserves a healthy start in life"



Your baby must weigh atleast 4.5 Kgs or 2 weeks old up to 24 months only. Therefore, it doesn't matter of your baby age to join as long as he/she is 4.5 kilograms but not more than 24 months old.


It is highly recommended to make appointment at least 45 mintues in advance to avoid any unwanted circumstances.


We book appointment via Phone calls, Booking Form on website or make appointment on Facebook. Inbox


Yes. We provide float device, 1 diaper, and fresh towels during session.


We will provide fresh towels during session. However, if your baby have a highly sensitive skin, we encourage you to bring own towel. Please do bring baby's essential such as fresh clothes, milk, pacifier, etc. Please ensure that your baby has being fed 30 minutes before session.

E.g.: Appointment starts at 11:00 am, baby should have done eat/drink at 10:30 am. If it is longer than 30 minutes that would be great too! But no shorter than that please!


Yes, all our water is filtered and warm. Temperature between 32Β°C to 35Β°C.


We have 2 types of tubs; small and big tubs. All of our tubs are using filtered water only. Small tub is for baby age below 6 months and the water will change after every session. Big tub water changes every day.


Small tub is a single tub which is non-sharing tub for baby below 6 months only. Big tub is a sharing tub, for baby age 6 months, with maximum of 3 babies only at a time.


All of our premises are air conditioned. Temperature is fix to 26Β°C to 28Β°C.


Yes, our massage therapist is true certified and had a Professional Certificate as Infant Massage Therapist.


Unfortunately, our service do not work that way. It is compulsory for Parent/Guardian to accompany baby in our premise all the time. Maximum of 2 adults only are allow to accompany baby during session.


Baby with sickness (flu, cough, fever, virus infection, minor/major diseases, etc) is not allow to do any of our services until fully recover. Please allow your baby to rest at least 48 hours after your baby have just recovered.


Baby that has just gotten injection is not allowed to do baby spa session within 72 hours.